A Letter to Dad for Father’s Day

Happy Father’s Day, Dad. I put together a little shrine made up of some of the old things that make me smile and help me feel closer to you in your absence. Owens Specialty Services hat: Circa early nineteen eighties when you were running a small business in the evenings after you’d finish your jobContinue reading “A Letter to Dad for Father’s Day”

Leadership when your Hand is Forced

As a leader you sometimes have to make tough choices that are outside of your control. You may need to make hard choices to sustain your company’s mission or vision or simply to keep the business and as many jobs as possible alive. Sometimes you need to make decisions that are a result of someonesContinue reading “Leadership when your Hand is Forced”

Ready for Anything

Resilience. We all have some and (should) seek more. It’s a sliding scale and the resilience of the individual, business, community will rise and fall over time. How do you build resilience? I’d love to hear your answer but for me it comes from trying to see the risk and consequence in everything I do,Continue reading “Ready for Anything”