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In health care, there are

Two factors

That affect everyone and everything, including

The health care

System itself

These two highly scientific factors are called


& less.

These two highly scientific factors are called


& less..

These two highly scientific factors are called


& less.

Let us explain.

In the next two decades,

Ontario will be faced

with a unique situation:


older people

than ever.

We will have 2x more Ontarians over the age of 65 and...

4x more over 85 who are living with more chronic diseases.

And as we all know,
people with more
complex needs require

more care.

In fact, just 1%

of Ontario's population uses one third of its health care resources.

That's a lot more


for our system to handle.

By 2027

there will be


this generation with

more older people

had less children.


working adults per senior than ever



children to care for more parents.

doing more with less
is not only ideal—


A health care system with


home and community

care would mean


burden on hospitals.

It would mean

less stress

for family members,

less worrying and

less time away

from home and family.


More focus

on the potential of technology, innovation,

and information sharing would mean

less cost

to the health care system and

more informed patients.


is the answer.

But not necessarily more money

more thinking,

more talking,

more sharing,

innovating and


To get there, we'll actually need to ask more questions, not less.

  1. How will we balance more and less?
  2. What should we expect from our health care system?
  3. How will we pay for it?
  4. How will we come together to meet the needs of patients?
  5. How will we value and care for our caregivers?

What's more,

we have less time

than ever to figure it out.

Which means that more people

—like you—

have to start thinking about it,

more or less

right now.

Let's talk about the

future of care.

Post on Twitter and Facebook using #moreandless, and tell us what you wish there was more of in our health care system.